Jennifer Nalewicki

Jennifer Nalewicki

Freelance writer in Brooklyn

Jennifer Nalewicki is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer who has been published in The New York Times, Smithsonian, Interior Design, Scientific American, Hemispheres...

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Behind the Scenes at Diplomático in Venezuela

Deep within the Amazonia Valley of Venezuela sits Destileria Unidas S.A. (DUSA), home of award-winning rum producer Diplomático.

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Don't Call Them Startenders: How Celebrity Bartending Impacts the ...

Not too long ago, a bartender was someone who would pour you a drink while offering you sage advice.

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The Botany of Vermouth

At one time, vermouth was better known for its medicinal qualities than its role as the backbone for Manhattans, martinis and other cocktails

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London's Black Rock Bar is Making Whiskey More Accessible ...

Ordering a whiskey at the bar can be downright intimidating. Do you want it on the rocks or neat? Single barrel or blend?

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How to Add Cheese to Your Cocktails

Pairing wine with cheese has been a maneuver in sommeliers’ playbooks for years, but now bartenders are joining in on the action by raiding the nearest cheese plate and concocting creative cocktails using cheese as a starring ingredient.